IoT devices have become an integral part of the mainstream electronics and the people are getting used to having smart devices with them faster than ever. By the year 2020, there will be an estimated 20 billion devices that will be connected to the internet. The Internet of things devices will have been more common and will be defining the way we do our activities in everyday life. (Afzal et al., 2019) In a short period, the number of devices connected to the internet has grown to a very huge number to the tune of a billion plus device. This happens even as the devices are getting smarter and smarter day by day. The insurgence of machine learning and artificial intelligence has made it possible to make these devices smarter and better.


Data is an important factor in IoT since the more data that the devices are able to collect the smarter they become. The connection of IoT devices will transform cities into smart cities where traffic will be controlled by smart traffic lights. The traffic lights will be able to collect data on the amount of traffic plying a particular route, this data can be used to sync the lights during the peak traffic times. (Fearn, 2019) IoT will bring a lot of improvement in people’s lives by making lives simple. The data that is collected will help in several industries.

Car industry

The car industry is really growing towards the internet of things. Google and Tesla Car producer are already in the process of making a working model of self-driving cars.


There are wearables being made to stream heart rates during athletic performances, with time it will improve and obviously will be a big thing in the future with more companies making IoT wearables.


In the lighting industry, there are bulbs that give consumers the ability to control the lighting using their smartphone. The bulbs can glow dimmer at night or blink if there is an intrusion.


There are various IoT solutions that help farmers to follow up on what is happening in their farms regardless of where they are. Even irrigation is done with precision, only giving the plant the exact amount of water is needed. In the near future, there will be more solutions that will change the way farming is done.

Health monitors

Looking after the sick and the elderly is easy and well enabled using IoT devices that can monitor them wherever they are living, the solutions can also help the patients regain their lost mobility through therapy.


The security of property is made easier by cameras that help property owners to connect with cameras when they are not there. In their mobile phone, they can be receiving live updates of what is happening in their homes. It is going to improve to have even better solutions in the near future.

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