The Blockchain industry is said to be one of the most promising industries in the world, among a few others in the hypergrowth space. This database of digital transactions creates a fully p2p network which enables a decentralized payment network and empowers digital and private cryptocurrencies to make third parties obsolete.


When raising funds for your ICO or raise awareness about your projects post-ICO, the marketing in the blockchain space is very different from traditional markets since you don’t target costumers but investors. Due to the lack of regulations in some jurisdictions, it’s very important to increase your credibility with media coverage on top-tier publications. With blockchain projects which held an ICO in the past potentially being classified as a security, the upcoming role of security token offerings (STOs) could replace ICOs and transform the unregulated blockchain market into a trillion dollar market. 

With advertising, you tell people how great you are. With publicity, others sing your praises. Which do you think is more effective?

Rob Wynne - Author


Running traditional ads to raise funds is barely working and seldom pays off. The blockchain space consists of very technically affine individuals and most of them are running ad blockers anyways. If you want to find investors which are convinced by your project, you have to tell interesting stories which create emotions and arouse interest. Let the readers tell how great you are. It’s more effective than just promoting yourself.