In today’s world robots are not only used for assembling and packaging products, but for many labour and time intensive back-office processes as well. Such as inventory management, report generation and payment processing. That leaves business process automation tools as ever growing necessities when it comes to optimizing and scaling of corporations. As suggested by a study by the global technology research firm Information Services Group, 72% of companies are expected to adopt robotic process automation to minimize costs and improve compliance management.


Modern enterprises need the technology of artificial intelligence and software robots for faster scaling, implementation and execution. That’s why the growth rate of this industry is projected to register at a CAGR of 31% until 2015. The steep incline in technological progression of the last decades will not cease in the foreseeable future, and automation of processes through robotics will be among the industry leaders. Especially in regards to the variety of use cases and therefore, overall growth.

This is less about the latest trend in software. It’s more about the new digital version of the white-collar worker. It’s really a reinvention of how work gets done.

Frank Casale Founder & Chairman Emeritus - Institute for Robotic Process Automation


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