Cannabis has been used by mankind for centuries for its medical purposes until it was banned in 1961. However, with the US widely legalizing medical and recreational use of Cannabis the industry seems to experience a renewed flourishing. Governments and citizens come to realize the numerous benefits of Cannabis apart from its medical use. Hemp is a very unique resource which is useful for numerous fields, from energy supply to textile processing.


Cannabis is a booming industry that is just getting started in its earth-shattering path. Although the world of marijuana is still afflicted with an overall negative stigma in the media, there is hardly any other community so engaged and ready to expand the industry to worldwide acceptance.

With cannabis, you’re talking about this massive step change in terms of the addressable market. You’re bringing a $7 billion illicit market into the legal market and so it does require a different valuation framework.

Vivien Azer Managing Director - Cowen


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