The number of electronic devices, vehicles and home appliances connected to the internet is rapidly growing. According to Energias Market Research, the industry is expected to grow to $6.5 Trillion in 2024. That is because usage of the internet and demand for automation technologies are increasing while various costs, such as those of smart sensors, are decreasing.That’s a promising outlook for an industry with a nearly unlimited area of application in our digital age.


The IoT space will without a doubt be one of the markets that falls under the category of ‘hypergrowth industries’. That’s why it is so important for your brand to be recognized and to build a following from the very first moment.

IoT is changing and transforming everything from business to life. Imaginations are boundless and opportunities are infinite. Everything is being wired up or connected wirelessly — architecture, energy efficient sensing, secure networks, quality of service, new protocols, participatory sensing, data mining, GIS based visualization, cloud computing, and international activities.

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Since IoT is a space with a lot of competition, we will make sure to tailor interesting and compelling stories about your company and the product you offer. Before creating a thorough strategy for PR and content marketing, together with you our team will identify all significant aspects that people will get to know and love about your brand.