Biotechnology already is a very large and established industry sector. It is estimated that over 77,000 companies are working and researching in this space. The hot topics of Biotechnology in the past have been nutrient supplementation, strength fibres, biofuels and abiotic stress resistance.


By 2025, the global biotechnology market is expected to reach $727.1 Billion, according to a report by Grand View Research from 2017. They especially see the emergence of certain key themes, such as regenerative medicine and genetics in diagnostics, as reason behind stark growth in the upcoming future.

Our world is built on biology and once we begin to understand it, it then becomes a technology.

Ryan Bethencourt scientist, co-founder - Berkeley Biolabs


The range of subjects in Biotechnology is wide, and so is the variety of publications where participants from this sector can reach out to the public and share their ideas and progress. In order to achieve optimal results, the digital journals with the best fitting audience have to be identified. Since a big amount of projects and research try to solve substantial problems, and often times tackle existential problems of mankind, the urgency of the matter will be outlined in a sophisticated way. So that the published story or article will outline both scientific details as well as portray the urgency of the matter in a compelling fashion.